Daniel Matthew Lemon, Creative Director

Dan made his first stage appearance in Oliver! on the Sunderland Empire at age 13. Whilst studying a Masters in History at the University of Edinburgh, Daniel appeared in a number of stage performances on the Traverse Theatre before spending a year in Melbourne working alongside actor / director Jasper Bagg as an Assistant Director and Script Editor on new writing.

Daniel moved to London in 2015 and trained part time in workshops under the instruction of stars such as Natalie Dormer, Ed Skrien, Robert Sheehan and Neil Maskell. He returned to the North East of England in 2018 to set up "The Actors Forge," a network of Actors and Creative Producers across the North of England with the goal of developing regional film and theatre projects.

His most recent work includes Audible’s production of LJ: Ross’ - The Infirmary, starring, Tom Bateman, Alun Armstong and Kevin Whatley.